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The van will be equipped with what I feel necessary to live out of it for a year and support my adventures. I want to be as self sufficient as possible for an entire year on the road taking account of where I will be traveling and what I will need.

When I do the build I’ve tried to take this into account and designed the van to support this trip and lifestyle..

The exterior of the van will contain -

A roof rack that I can access via ladder on the outside of the van, solar panels, which I will go over the electrical system later, a power vent which, also will be covered later, and a front brush guard which I thought looked really cool, and legitimized it and took it out of creeper van mode  to adventure vehicle and I added fog lights to my brush guard as well.

Under the hood two 6 volt batteries hooked in series provide power to the 12 volt house system, onboard air compressor for emergency situations and blowing up inflatables, I’m taking an inflatable fishing pontoon, and considering bringing an inflatable SUP

I also mounted a spare tire carrier on the back driver side door that frees up space under the van where the spare tire typically goes, I may utilize that space for other storage.

Moving into the inside, in the cockpit area I’ve installed a rear observation camera. I’m will install gps of some sort, I’ve installed a fan, I’m building a small center console to match the interior finish of the back of the van, swivel seat brackets to the driver and passenger seats to swivel to the rear, I’ll be installing a pedestal table in between them, for work and eating.

In the back what you can’t see, I’ve installed rattletrap sound deadiner which is a thick asphalt like material that is self adhesive you install this on the inside skin of the body on walls and ceiling. It cuts down the tin can vibration and noise from the wind, after installed I noticed a huge difference for the walls and ceiling. After much research and consideration on insulation I selected Thinsulate, it’s an expensive insulation but my reason for my choice is it will not hold in moisture it will breath and it will allow moisture to evaporate. I felt it was the best bang for the buck. Overtop I installed a vapor barrier - heavy 1/8th inch thick barrier sandwich material foil on both sides and foam in between on the ceiling and walls, and also under factory flooring.

On the ceiling I installed knotty pine tongue and groove 1 x 6 with a clean finish for a clear bright look.

On the side walls 7/16” cdx plywood was installed as my substrate to build off of. I built a platform bed in the back elevated about 40 inches off the floor with storage underneath accessible by the rear doors outside. I purchased a thick 6 inch king size futon mattress which I’ve cut to size to fit the bed frame.

On the floor of the van in the finished area I installed 5mm luxury vinyl tire with a wood plank look that glues down. I used an interior exterior glue for that installation.

On the finished side walls of the van I installed the knotty pine horizontally as well, I purchased prefinished cabinets from a big box store locally, I was going to build them myself but with the time crunch I decided to purchase them, they are hickory cabinets with a knotty rough look, light in finish, 12 inch tall uppers on drivers side, there are two 30 inch directly above two other 30 inch base cabinets and then two and two 36x12 tall going over the bed platform on the drivers side. also  The two base cabinets have a butcher block countertop with a sink/hand pump and propane cooktop. The cabinet under the sink will contain four 5 gallon plastic jugs, two for potable water and two for grey water. The refrigerator will be built in under the bed platform.

For the electrical as I mentioned earlier I installed a 12V battery system utilizing two 6V batteries under the hood. I installed 2 100 watt solar panels that will charge the batteries, the batteries can also be charged by van operation or off of 110 with a trickle charger installed under the hood. I’ve installed an inverter to give me 110 power in the back near the kitchenette area i've also installed LED lighting in ceiling, hooked up on 2 seperate circuits with a dimmer switch and stereo system with speakers in the ceiling and a marine radio in a custom cabinets I built. There will be 12 volt chargers near the bed and kitchenette area for charging.

What will I be taking in the van?

I’m passionate about a lot of things and will be involved in a lot of different outdoor activities while I travel. I’ll be taking my fly fishing equipment and spin fishing equipment, inflatable pontoon for fishing, inflatable SUP, scuba gear, picking up surfboard on the coast for some surfing. I’ll be carrying firearms for hunting and protection, which I would recommend to anyone, along with pepper spray, and bear spray when I get into bear country, camping and hiking gear - I’m planning on multiple-day backcountry backpacking trips in the backcountry. I will be dropping into Crossfit gyms/boxes along my travels but I will be bringing work out equipment with me as well. I’m going to limit that to a few pieces of equipment - a set of 35 lb dumbbells, a 35lb  kettlebell and possible a barbell with two plates.