What I love about tacos!

Tacos can be eaten any day, anytime, and anytime of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or midnight snack - right before you go to bed after a long night etc.

It’s a meal in a flour shell, hard or soft, I prefer soft. Hard will do if no other option is avaiable. I’m a fan of taco’s, it’s a meal in a simplistic form. Eaten by itself with a beverage, my prefernce is a beer for me.

Why tacos

Taco’s are the only food that you can have as a main dish for dinner, and it would be totally unacceptable to eat them with a fork. I challenge you to order them with family and friends and eat them with a knife and a fork, and see what kind of response you get, it’s unacceptable - not even imaginable. Nobody would ever consider that!

Hamburger - No problem! Feel free, use that fork! Hot Dog - I do it all the time, big coney dog loaded with nasty sauce, Oh yea! Any kind of Sandwich, it gets messy - knife and fork.

There is no other dish as a dinner entree that’s totally unacceptable to use anything other than your hands. This makes tacos the perfect travel food.

Best breakfast taco to date was at Torchy’s Taco in Austin Texas, www.torchystacos.com had many to choose from, it was awesome!

Best non-breakfast taco I’ve had was on South Padre Island, Texas Barry's Taco's www.barrystacos.com has a stand made out of an old Airstream trailer located on the beach they sold everything you would need to live - taco’s, beer, and margaritas, basics for island survival.

Now with that said, I’m not going to limit myself to surviving on tacos for 365 days, I’ll be eating other food, a lot of which I’ll be preparing myself. I’m going to share that with you, how I survive on the road, what I pack in the woods, how I prepare it, the challenges I face packing food in and out in bear country. There are back-country areas now that you can not pack a camp stove in or have an open flame of any sorts during the dry season especially out Wast, at that point everything will be cold prepped. 

I’ll be talking about how we handle food prep, storage in the van. I envision a lot of stops for fresh food, i have a small fridge but no freezer. Fresh veggies will be a challenge, i’ll be traveling primarily in warmer temperatures so it shouldn’t be to tough. I anticipate to find what I need when I need it.

A lot of rice, carbs, carb loading, you’re going to learn along with me, the goods, the bads, the dos, the don’ts. What worked for me, what didn’t and why.

On the beverage side its coffee, beer, and water.  

I will share with you the places I go for all of the above and how I handle each while traveling. Coffee shops and Micro breweries will be on the radar when I'm in civilization.