Ludington=frieghter sunset 9-22-18.JPG

Michigan my Michigan, Week 1

9/18/18 – 9/23/18

As I write this I am 14 days into my 12 month road trip and eating dinner in Gatlinburg, TN where I just arrived this evening.  I hope all is well for those reading this and you are off to a great week as I am. In my last blog I was broken down in Cave City, Kentucky but that obviously has been resolved and I’m mobile again.

Update I am now 17 days into my trip finishing this. The battery went dead on my laptop before I wrapped it up and I headed into the Smokies NP back country the following morning where laptops, cell phones and Wi-Fi do not live….but bears do!!! More on bears in a later post…. Moving on

As I had stated in my Fathers Memorial post last week I spent the first week of my travels in Michigan mostly dodging rainy and overcast days but I did have some great Michigan late summer early fall days.

The van continues to draw interest and I’ve given it a lot of thought as to why. It is unique in how I converted it more so in the materials I used, my daughter refers to it as my log cabin on wheels and many have said it reminds them of a “tiny house”. I believe what people see in it is freedom, freedom to travel freedom to see the country and beyond but I also think there is more and I’m not sure what it all is or means yet. My analysis of this will continue I’m sure over the course of this journey. 

Over the course of my week in Michigan I spent an evening/night in Lake St Helen out on the lake with a dear friend having beers and doing a little fly fishing but more talking. My friend just recently lost his father whom I spent many an opening day of deer season with in northern Michigan. It was a great start and gave me an opportunity to start my unwinding. The following morning I traveled just down the road to Houghton Lake and spent a few hours with my mother before leaving for Manistee where I constructed the memorial for my father on the Little Manistee River (see previous web post). I fished the river for a few hours up until dark and managed to land one king salmon which I released and hooked two others. This was fitting for the occasion.

In addition to this I fished the South Branch of the AuSable river in a section known as the Mason Tract for a few hours right before dark with no luck on the bite but I had the place to myself and it presented more unwinding time which has always been a struggle for me. While in the area I visited my grandparents on my father’s side grave sites in Luzerne, Michigan a very small town in northern Michigan. Their services were in Saginaw, Michigan and I had yet to visit the grave sites, my uncle picked out an outstanding but simple head stone.

The following day I drove to the West side of the state and rode the Acadia Dunes mountain bike trail which was a very nice single track trail with some good climbs and some long downhills. This was my first ride of the year as I been spending all my time selling/moving out of my house and converting the van. I intend to ride Moab, Utah next spring so I need to get my peddling legs in shape. The ride was 10 miles, 2 hours and 1 calf cramp long…just right for the first ride. I then tarveled to Manistee and spent the night and on to Ludington first thing the following morning which was September, 22nd day day 5 of the trip. I did some hiking at the dunes and had dinner and conversation with an old friend. That evening I was at the state park beach at sunset and captured this sunset/freighter picture I included in the post. It was the first evening that wasn’t at least cloudy if not raining sense I was on the Lake Michigan coast the last few days. I spent the evening in Ludington and left erly the following morning arriving in New Baltimore, Mi which is another small town on Lake Michigan’s sandy coast. I spent the day in the area hiking the dunes and sand boarding and once again nailed another nice sunset on the beach with some ore awesome pictures. That evening after dinner I left the state of Michigan and entered into Illinois spending the night in a Walmart parking lot once again this time in Michigan City, Indiana.

As always wishUwerehere!!