How we got here

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wishUwerehere is a platform for me to share with U my adventures, U can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and here on my website. I will share content on my Sprinter cargo van conversion for my Van Build 0ne.0, also offering technical DIY information on different components, what’s good and worked for me to the bad and the ugly.

Why did I decide to travel for a year starting September/October of 2018?

I am healthy as a horse  - I work out almost everyday of the week, play hockey, heavily involved in my crossfit community, regularly mountain bike, snowboard, hike, backpack and so on. I see my doctor regularly, I eat healthy, my blood pressure and cholesterol are always excellent, I take good care of myself, I do everything to prevent any big health scares. Sadly, I suffered a heart attack in September of 2017. Doctors never talked to me about stress, just treated me with a 12 month long drug protocol like everyone else, which I negotiated myself off of because the side effects were horrendous. After my medical scare I spent the rest of 2017 trying to figure out why I had a heart attack. In January of this year, 2018, I had a panic attack and shut down and decided to resign from my job of 22 + years in February. I came to the conclusion, with no help from my cardiologist or family doctor that high stress was the driving factor in both the heart attack and panic attack with the majority coming from work. The heart attack was body telling hey dude you need to change some shit up and the panic attack was my body saying this dumbass isn't listening we are going to forced shutdown. With the help of some professionals and a lot of friends i work my way through and out of that funk and made the change.

I sold my house and bought a Van. The plan always was to sell the house in the spring as its just me and my youngest daughter and she graduated from high school this spring and is starting college in the fall. A downsizing was in order even if this didn't happen.

Here U will be able to watch the progression of Van Build 0ne.0, my version of it, how I build it to live in it for a year. My Van will look different from others, I want to be as self sufficient as possible. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles - no shower or running water, there will be a toilet for business but it will be a self-contained toilet. I’m going to give U a tutorial if U want to be me! What I did, what I’ve learned, what I’d do again, what I wouldn’t do again, the good, the bad, the horrific.

U will also get to witness my progress on my journey of adventures, you’ll be able to track where I am and where i’m going. my travels making posts about my trips, destinations, adventures, proposed destinations my adventures, how i live on the road - what I eat, what I do, what I wear, how I take care of things.

Everyone has different needs and different definitions of adventures, for me it's getting out of my comfort zone, seeing new things, meeting new people and getting uncomfortable at times. It's a challenge whether it be physical mental and more cases than not both that draws me.

The true definition of adventure for me was best summoned up by Yvon Chouinard founder of Patagonia Clothing Company "Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person."