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I’ll be leaving the lovely state of MI where I grew up sometime this September of 2018. Michigan offers a lot for anybody who loves the outdoors, we have four seasons, hunting, fishing we have abundant bodies of water - lakes, rivers, streams, freshwater as well as the greatest of Great Lakes. Winters can be long summers can be short but all in all it is a wonderful place to grow up and live to enjoy the outdoors.

When I leave I have one trip to make to northern Michigan where I’m constructing a memorial for my father, my U who we discussed earlier ,my father passed away when he was 41 and I was 18 and there’s a place in northern Michigan where we used to steelhead fish, that river and location where there's a high bank overlooking the river is near and dear to my heart. It’s where I feel the closest  to him, its my “River Runs Through It”. I’ll be constructing a memorial there in his honor before I leave the state of Michigan

I’ll then head south making a stop in several stops in Tennessee where I lived at for two years another life ago. I will be making a stop in Nashville and then head to Memphis for a couple days and explore the Mississippi River while there. I’ll then travel to Arkansas. There I’ll visit with my college roommate who I have not seen since college again another life ago. I’ll then make a trip over to the White River area of Arkansas to do some trout fishing - its a highly regarded fishery for trout that is always been on my radar to stop by and wet a line if I’m ever in the area, which I will be.

Then I’ll be heading straight south to the Gulf of Mexico Coast  and travel along the coast through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana - taking my time to do some fishing, exploring and hiking. Ill continue into Texas traveling along the Gulf Coast, most likely the entire way although a detour to Austin for tacos, BBQ and beer would be nice, I may hit that up later and ending up in south Texas near South Padre Island to spend the holidays with my Mom and Jerry who spends the winters in South Texas in an area called the Rio Grande Valley on the US/Mexico Border.  

After the holidays I'll be flying out to Costa Rica January 2 arriving January 3, I’ll be spending 4 weeks there in a hostel located on the Pacific side,  while I’m there I’ll be taking advantage of some volunteer opportunities, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, yoga at the hostel, hiking and maybe a backpacking trip for several days along with interior exploration in the mountains and rainforests.

I’ll be flying back January 30th, to Texas. After arrival I’ll be traveling West there are two national parks I want to visit in Texas before the holidays but if I can not squeeze them in before Costa Rica then I’ll be making those stops on my way out of Texas as well as the stop in Austin. Traveling first to Arizona, most likely the Grand Canyon area then heading North and West with stops planned, Utah to several national parks and the Moab area for mountain biking on the slick rock.

Other areas on the radar for next spring and early summer are Northern California, Oregon, Washington if I can squeeze it in and then over to Montana where I’ll be crossing into Canada traveling through the Canadian Rockies and driving to Alaska to spend time there next summer fishing, hiking, backpacking and maybe some hunting if the opportunity presents itself.  

During the course of my travels I will be visiting as many national parks as possible.

I’ll be making my way back into the states late summer to early fall of 2019, if I do not make it to Washington prior to leaving for Alaska I’ll be dropping down into the Seattle area on my way back and constructing a second memorial for my father at the location where he last fished and passed away on the North Fork of the Skykomish River near Index, Washington.

At that point I most likely will be heading East back to Michigan, but who knows if I sell enough Tee’s it may never end!!

Upon my return the van will be forsale and I will purchase another stripped down van for Van Build 2.0